Monday, 10 December 2012

Easy & Quick Christmas Craft! Photo ornament!

I love making crafts, using my creativity and reusing or upcycling things I have around the house so they don't get wasted.  Since I have started feeding my son solid food (mush!) I have so many small glass baby food jars around the house.  I've recycled a number of them and then kept some for a future project when I got inspired and had an idea finally.  The jars sat on my kitchen counter for around a month until I thought, I don't have to use the whole jar, why not just the top? And then I thought of adding in a photo of my son's first portrait sitting when he was 5 months old, and from there I made a Christmas ornament.

Step 1: Paint the jar top with a "Christmasy" colour of your choice, red, green, metallic...I chose gold since that was a paint colour I had on hand and it's a colour commonly used to decorate at Christmas time.  I just picked up that paint at the Dollar store.  Paint at least 2 coats to ensure the boring original silver and any writing on the jar top is fully covered.

Step 2: Cut the photo you intend to use into a circle that will fit the jar ornament.  Make sure the photo you choose makes sense with the size of the jar top.  The faces should be a good size so you can see them from far away, so not to small or too large.

Step 3: After you have let the paint dry fully, fill up the jar top with something you have on hand, such as a few pieces of cardboard or pieces of folded paper, etc.  I used a piece of styrofoam that I cut to fit the jar top.  After filling up the jar top up to the rim, spread some glue on it.

Step 4: Glue the photo on the jar top.  In order for the photo to fully adhere I put something heavy like a book on top of the ornament and waited about an hour before going to the next step.

Step 5: I glued some small coloured "bling" around the edge of the ornament to partially frame it.  I used red and green Christmas colours.

Step 6\: Cut a piece of  ribbon that is long enough to wrap around the jar top and have some ribbon leftover to create a loop that can help you hang the ornament on the tree.  I added a small bell to make the loop look more festive when it is on the tree.

And "tada" you have a personalized photo ornament you can be proud to add to your tree or give as a gift.  I think I'll make one every year with the annual portrait I'm going to get of my son!  So happy crafting and let me know if you make this craft and how it goes!  Enjoy!

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