Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Frugal ways to Reinvent your baby or child's clothing - Easy and quick apparel crafting

Do you ever see great deals on baby or children's clothes at the store but find they're a bit plain?  Looking for some affordable and unique ways to jazz up your child's clothing?  I had some fun using a few things from the craft store and reusing other things from around the house.  Using a few simple ideas and supplies I was able to personalize my son's clothes more and make them unique to only him!

Fun Clothing reinvention #1 - Monogrammed Onesie

I bought two frugal pieces of baby clothes, one navy onesie and one red shirt.  They're both cute, but a little plain.

To reinvent the navy onesie I looked through my craft supplies that could be used to make it less plain.  I decided to use an iron on teddy bear patch and some letters.  It took me a little while to come up with what I wanted to spell on the onesie.  I thought my son's initials would be a nice idea, so that's what I did.  I think it looks like because it looks monogrammed now.  What do you think?

Fun Clothing reinvention #2 - Horseplay

I bought this striped onesie for only a few dollars.  

To  add some extra style I added an iron-on horse patch that I thought went well with the stripes.  It was a 5 minute craft that adds some equestrian style to this onesie.

Fun Clothing reinvention #3 - Reuse some material

This last clothing reinvention was inspired by a broken lampshade.  A broken lampshade? Yes, a lampshade that my son broke by knocking over a lamp a few times gave me an idea.   

I noticed the shade was covered in a thin material that had cute details embroidered on them, like a teddy   bear and bird.

I cut the material off of the lampshade and divided into the two main details - the teddy bear and the bird.  Now, what was I going to do with these cute details?

I had picked up a bright yellow summer shirt that was on sale and was waiting for warmer weather so my son could actually wear it!  In the meantime I thought why not see if the embroidered details from the lamp would look good on the shirt.

I folded the detailed material under and laid them on the shirt like patches to see how they looked before I decided which one to sew on.  I like the teddy bear detail on this shirt, so this is what I'll be sewing on. 

 I'll keep the bird detail and may even cut the material down to only include the bird and sew it on another piece of clothing when I get inspired.

These are only a few, very quick ideas to add a little more style to our child's clothing.  I find it fun to think of ways to personalize clothes and make them unique.  I hope you have fun coming up with your own ideas!

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  1. Cute ideas!! Thanks for sharing with the Tuesday Baby Link Up community!