Friday, 2 November 2012

New Mom - New Life

Today I'm launching my blog to hopefully work towards doing what I love for a living.  What do I mean by that?  Well right now I'm half way through my maternity leave from a job I haven't enjoyed working at for a long time. The months until my scheduled return to the office, (yikes) are counting down as I write this.  The question of do I go back to work or become a SAHM or WAHM looms, (acronyms are not just for the office)!

So how did I get here?  When I was taking care of my hungry, growing newborn I spent a ton of time glued to the sofa feeding him.  And as new mom I ha a thousand questions that I couldn't always find in a book or through chatting with other moms.  I started browsing the web.  I was so happy to find a community of mommy bloggers on Twitter and other social networks.  I was hooked and wondered if I could have a voice in this world and what the heck I would talk about?

Doing what I love seemed the easiest way to contribute my voice.  To really dig into what I love I thought back to my childhood.  The first thing I ever wanted to be that I can clearly remember is an artist.  Followed closely behind by interior decorating, cooking, writing and being an entrepreneur.  I was a Gemini child that was all over the place! 

At the time I didn't know constantly moving furniture in my bedroom and drawing where it should go was an interior design interest. I also didn't think that making bracelets and selling them with a warranty, (to fix any problems) was being a little entrepreneur!
I'd like to use this blog to get back in touch with my first loves.  It will be a journey creating this blog and staying motivated to take a step everyday to make it special.  I hope you'll drop by and visit regularly!

So, here I go......

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