Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wordless Wednesday - My deck is a zoo! An Opossum!!

One of my cats was staring intently out my window this weekend, so I got up to check what he was looking at.  I thought it was either my neighbour's cat, a raccoon or squirrel.  Since it was a cold night I thought most likely a raccoon.  I turned the light on the deck and saw what I think is an Opossum!  It was really hard to take a photo of it because it was moving fast, it was dark and I was taking the photo through a window, but I got a few shots.  What do you think?  I've posted a photo of a possum from the web for comparison.

New photos - March 5!!

Photos - Feb 25!
This is the critter from the back

This is his crazy tail - definitely not a raccoon or cat!

The best photo of his face I could get!
A possum photo from the web - sure looks like the  critter that was on my deck


  1. I have never seen a possom, so I'm no help...sorry :)

  2. No problem! I'm pretty sure it's a possum. It'll probably come by again & maybe I can get a closer look! :)